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The group currently compromises of a Beaver colony, Cub pack and Scout Troop located at Whitby, Also a Beaver colony, Cub Pack At Sleights which are all part of the Eskmouth (Whitby) Scout Group.



This part of the site is a work in progress and will be updated as we uncover more information. Much of the history of the group has been lost as leaders have left or passed away but we aim to record everything we can here, if you know something you think should be recorded then please do get in touch.
(General Scouting history in normal text, events relating directly to Eskmouth Scout Group in bold text)

2013 28th July to 8th August – 23rd World Scout Jamboree, Kirara-hama, Japan.
2008 September – Eskmouth Scout Group re-opens.
2007 21st World Scout Jamboree, Hylands Park, Chelmsford, United Kingdom.

50th JOTA.

British Scouts celebrate 100 years of Scouting since the camp at Brownsea Island.

Eskmouth Scout group closes.

2002 February – A major programme change implemented to halt decline of failing membership levels.

Venture Scouts split into Explorer Scouts and Network Scouts.

December – 20th World Scout Jamboree, Sattahip, Thailand.

1999 January – 19th World Scout Jamboree held in Picarquin, Chile.
1997 90th Anniversary of Scouting.
1996 October – Pilot Scout Network scheme.
1995 July – 18th World Scout Jamboree, Netherlands.
1992 35th JOTA: at the invitation of the World Federation of Great Towers, Scouts and Guides had the opportunity to communicate from the tops of 13 towers around the world using the newest communication systems including videophone and television as well as amateur radio.
1991 July – Royal Charter changes agreed – girls are allowed to be invested in the younger Sections of the Movement.

August – 17th World Scout Jamboree, Mount Sorak National Park, Republic of Korea.Girls allowed to join all sections.

1990 February – Decision in principle to allow girls into the younger Sections of the Movement.
1988 Eskmouth Scout Group celebrates it’s 21st anniversary by holding a camp at Gilwell Scouting Centre in Chingford.
1987 DC, Jack Hodgson, awarded the Silver Wolf for Services to Scouting. Jack was a big supporter of Eskmouth Scouts since it opened in 1967 and first served as chairman.

December – 16th World Jamboree, New South Wales, Australia.

1986 April – Beaver Scouts officially recognised by Scout Association. Officially became members of the World Scout Organisation.
1983 July – 15th World Jamboree, Calgary, Alberta, Canada.
1982 Year of the Scout – 75th Anniversary of Scouting.

August – Beavers officially introduced into the UK.

1979 July – World Jamboree Year: Join-in-Jamboree around the world.
1977 June 25 – Death of Lady Olave Baden-Powell.
1976 July – Girls allowed to join Venture Scouts.
1975 May – 14th World Jamboree (Nordjamb ’75), Lillehammer, Norway.
1974 “Beavers” renamed “Beaver Scouts”.
1971 June – 13th World Jamboree, Asagiri Heights, Japan.
1970 A splinter group forms the “Baden-Powell Scouts’ Association” when The Scout Association refuses to allow them to continue with the original programme.
1967 Eskmouth Scout Group founded, merger of several Whitby groups.

May – “The Boy Scout Association” renamed “The Scout Association”, major changes to all sections and to the programme. Venture Scouts formed from Senior Scouts and Rover Scouts.

June – 12th World Jamboree, Farragut State Park, Idaho, U.S.A.

1966 “The Little Brothers” renamed “Beavers”.
1963 August – 11th World Jamboree, Marathon, Greece.

“The Little Brothers” started in Northern Ireland but not yet officially recognised.

1959 July – 10th World Jamboree, Mt. Makiling, Philippines.
1958 October – 1st Jamboree-on-the-Air (JOTA).
1957 June – 9th World Jamboree (Jubilee, 50th Anniversary of Scouting), Birmingham, England.
1955 July – 8th World Jamboree, Niagara-on-the-Lake, Canada.
1951 August – 7th World Jamboree, Bad Ischl, Austria.
1947 July – 6th World Jamboree (Jamboree of Peace), Moisson, France.
1946 October – Senior Scout Section officially started. New plan for Rover Scouts introduced
1945 September – End of World War 2 (Japan Surrenders).
1941 8th January – Death of Baden-Powell.

January – Air Scouts officially recognised.

1939 September – Start of World War 2. Scouts assist the war effort.
1937 July – 5th World Jamboree, Vogelenzang-Bloemendaal, Netherlands.
1933 August – 4th World Jamboree, Gödöllö, Hungary.
1929 July – 3rd World Jamboree, Kandersteg, Switzerland.
1928 January – Introduction of Group system.
1924 September – 2nd World Jamboree, Copenhagen, Denmark.
1923 July, introduction of the woggle.
1922 June – Publication of ‘Rovering to Success’
1920 July – 1st World Jamboree, Olympia, London.

August – B.-P. acclaimed Chief Scout of the World.

1919 July – Gillwell Park acquired.
1918 August – Senior Scouts renamed Rover Scouts.
1917 May – First scheme for ‘Senior Scouts’ introduced.

June – Opening of new HQ at 25 Buckingham Palace Rd., London.

1916 Wolf Cub section started.

December – “Wolf Cub’s Handbook” published.

1914 January – Experimental scheme for ‘Wolf Cubs’ or ‘Young Scouts’.
1912 October – B.-P. married to Miss Olave Soames.
1910 “The Boy Scout Association” formed.

January – Girl Guides begin.

October – Formation of Sea Scouts Branch.

1909 May – Scout Headquarters opened at 116 Victoria Street, London
1908 January – ‘Scouting for Boys’ Part One published.

April – First issue of ‘The Scout’.

22nd August to 4th September – First official Scout Camp, Humshaugh.

Scouting begins in Whitby.

1907 August 1-8 – Experimental camp at Brownsea Island, England.
1889 February 22 – Olave St. Clair Soames was born.
1857 February 22 – Robert Stephenson Smyth Baden-Powell born in Paddington, London England.

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