AGM Roundup

Both the Eskmouth Scout Group Annual General Meeting and the Whitby District Annual General Meeting have  concluded, thank you to everybody that attended.

For Eskmouth Scout Group the following points are of importance:

  • Finances are down, due to increasing fuel costs. More fundraising is required but the group needs support to proceed due to availability of leaders.
  • The position of Group Chair Person and Group Scout Leader are currently open and need filling ASAP.
  • Member numbers have stayed roughly the same. There is room for growth within the Cub and Scout sections.
  • An Assistant Cub Scout Leader is required.

For Whitby District the following points are of importance:

  • Finances are roughly the same, end of year finances are down but this is due to money not been transferred from Eskmouth Scout Group for membership fees, should be rectified soon.
  • Member numbers throughout the district are generally the same, though Sleights have lost their Scout section due to low number of members (will need a new leader to restart).
  • There is a position open on the district committee.

One subject that was not raised but of note is that the Explorer section currently has low numbers and requires a new leader.

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