Sunny Summer Camp!

One more sleep before camp, make sure you have your suntan lotion as you are going to need it!

Forecast is mostly sunny with some clouds and a few showers, so make sure that lotion is applied and you drink plenty of water.

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Summer Camp 2013

Summer camp is nearly here, if you have not paid yet can you please do so to either myself or Alan.

As a reminder the camp is at Kettleness from Tuesday 27th to Friday 30th August (4 days, 3 nights).

A kit list will be going out to the Cubs soon, if any Scouts are unsure what to bring please contact a leader.

If you need more information please don’t hesitate to contact myself or Alan on our usual e-mail addresses and numbers, alternatively leave a message on our Google or Facebook accounts (links to the right) and one of us will get back to you.

Form can be obtained here: Summer Camp 2003 form


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Tough Mudder Orinda

Our very own Orinda, Beaver Leader of the Eskmouth colony, is taking part in the Tough Mudder competition in September, to raise money for Cure Rett.

Rett Syndrome is caused by a random genetic mutation on the x-chromosome that can occur in any boy or girl. It becomes apparent between the age of 6 months and 2 years. Boys usually die within their first year. Girls go through a period of regression where they lose the ability to walk, speak, use their hands, and often to eat properly. Seizures can develop as well as breathing problems, scoliosis (curvature of the spine), gut failure and even premature sudden death.

Show your support for both Orinda and Cure Rett by donating on Orinda’s Just giving page here:

For more information please use the following links:

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Pack Parent Rota

A parent rota is on the noticeboard as you enter the hall, would all parents please put your name down to help with at least one date, preferable more.

We are losing our regular helper so if no parents are available to help during a meeting then the meeting will be cancelled.

Parents will be asked to help run activities and serve refreshments.


If you are interested in helping in a more permanent role please speak to me ASAP.

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Pack Dates

The pack meeting dates up till Christmas are below, Colony meeting dates will be similar but check with your leaders to be certain.

It’s expected Troop meetings will happen on the same weeks but they may start back the week before the pack, check with Alan. Continue reading

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Summer is here!

Summer is nearly upon us and another school year is coming to an end, I hope all our members have enjoyed their time with us and are looking forward to next term.

Scouts are due to meet up tomorrow for their last meeting but keep in touch with Alan as he is planning several activities over the Summer Holiday.

Cubs will be meeting up on Monday for a final meeting, expect fire and food.

Summer Camp is August 27th to August 30th and will be taking place at our usual camp site in Kettleness, all Cubs and Scouts should have received a letter regarding camp but if not contact your leaders for details.

The gallery has been updated with more photos though I still have a lot to upload and a few videos, expect them over the next few weeks, if any parents would like a full size copy of one of the photos do let me know, the on-line versions are a reduced size to save on storage space and bandwidth.

We are still looking for additional help with the group, which includes but not limited to: Assistant Cub Scout Leader/Cub Scout Sectional Helper, Group Scout Leader, Chair Person, Parent Representatives and Fundraising Committee.


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AGM Roundup

Both the Eskmouth Scout Group Annual General Meeting and the Whitby District Annual General Meeting have  concluded, thank you to everybody that attended.

For Eskmouth Scout Group the following points are of importance:

  • Finances are down, due to increasing fuel costs. More fundraising is required but the group needs support to proceed due to availability of leaders.
  • The position of Group Chair Person and Group Scout Leader are currently open and need filling ASAP.
  • Member numbers have stayed roughly the same. There is room for growth within the Cub and Scout sections.
  • An Assistant Cub Scout Leader is required.

For Whitby District the following points are of importance:

  • Finances are roughly the same, end of year finances are down but this is due to money not been transferred from Eskmouth Scout Group for membership fees, should be rectified soon.
  • Member numbers throughout the district are generally the same, though Sleights have lost their Scout section due to low number of members (will need a new leader to restart).
  • There is a position open on the district committee.

One subject that was not raised but of note is that the Explorer section currently has low numbers and requires a new leader.

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Corporate Partners – Parents Survey

The Scout Association are looking for parents views on their corporate partners.

Take part in the survey here:

For more information on the corporate partners please see here:

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Sainsbury’s Active Kids Vouchers – Total

We had a target of 3013 and I am happy to report we beat it!

We collected 3258 points worth of vouchers and received an additional 200 bonus points for the Cubs taking part in the Sainsbury’s active kids scheme, for a grand total of 3448 points worth of vouchers!

The breakdown:
300 5 point vouchers
1744 1 point vouchers
1 bonus voucher worth 4 points
200 bonus vouchers from Sainsbury’s

If you have any more vouchers to donate please do so quickly as the collection deadline has already expired and we have a limited time to select what we want and return the vouchers to Sainsbury’s headquarters.

I’ll be taking a list of what I’m thinking of getting to the AGM and if agreed will be placing the order later in the week, if you have any suggestions on the choices please do let me know.

Finally I’d just like to say a big thank you to all the members, parents and relatives who chose to give us their vouchers, it is greatly appreciated.

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Annual General Meeting

The date for the AGM has been announced and will be on Monday 17th June at 6.00pm till 7.00pm.

This will replace the scheduled Beaver and Cub meetings though the members are more than welcome to come along as we will be putting on activities to keep them entertained.

The AGM is your chance to find out what the members have been up to, what the future plans are and to discuss any issues. Attendees will be asked to vote on the executive committee positions (including those of leaders) and nominate new persons to posts, as such we encourage all parents to attend and any members (Beavers, Cubs, Scouts or Explorers) who may be interested.

If you wish to run for one of the committee positions or wish to offer your time elsewhere please let one of the leaders know prior to the meeting.

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