Sainsbury’s Active Kids Vouchers – Total

We had a target of 3013 and I am happy to report we beat it!

We collected 3258 points worth of vouchers and received an additional 200 bonus points for the Cubs taking part in the Sainsbury’s active kids scheme, for a grand total of 3448 points worth of vouchers!

The breakdown:
300 5 point vouchers
1744 1 point vouchers
1 bonus voucher worth 4 points
200 bonus vouchers from Sainsbury’s

If you have any more vouchers to donate please do so quickly as the collection deadline has already expired and we have a limited time to select what we want and return the vouchers to Sainsbury’s headquarters.

I’ll be taking a list of what I’m thinking of getting to the AGM and if agreed will be placing the order later in the week, if you have any suggestions on the choices please do let me know.

Finally I’d just like to say a big thank you to all the members, parents and relatives who chose to give us their vouchers, it is greatly appreciated.

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