Summer is here!

Summer is nearly upon us and another school year is coming to an end, I hope all our members have enjoyed their time with us and are looking forward to next term.

Scouts are due to meet up tomorrow for their last meeting but keep in touch with Alan as he is planning several activities over the Summer Holiday.

Cubs will be meeting up on Monday for a final meeting, expect fire and food.

Summer Camp is August 27th to August 30th and will be taking place at our usual camp site in Kettleness, all Cubs and Scouts should have received a letter regarding camp but if not contact your leaders for details.

The gallery has been updated with more photos though I still have a lot to upload and a few videos, expect them over the next few weeks, if any parents would like a full size copy of one of the photos do let me know, the on-line versions are a reduced size to save on storage space and bandwidth.

We are still looking for additional help with the group, which includes but not limited to: Assistant Cub Scout Leader/Cub Scout Sectional Helper, Group Scout Leader, Chair Person, Parent Representatives and Fundraising Committee.


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